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OSC Lens Cleaning Cloth

Clean all your eyewear, and so much more, with these high thread-count cloths made of the highest quality micro-fiber available. Supplied to us from an optometrist in New York, they are made with a special weave that entraps dust and oils, exhibiting safe and excellent cleaning characteristics, even without a spray cleaner. OSC premium micro-fiber cloths are safe on all lenses including those with Anti-Reflective coatings, cell phone and tablet screens, and even computer monitors. 

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* Measures a generous 6” x 7”
* Heavy-weight, resilient and smooth
* Non-abrasive, will not scratch
* Washable, image will not fade
* Reusable

For best results, hand wash warm, air dry. Avoid fabric softeners, do not use bleach, do not iron.

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